Laser Eye Surgery – No glasses any more!

Femto Lasik surgery – laser eye surgery experiences & costs

I would like share about how I personally experienced my Femto Lasik surgery on this page. How does it happen that one decides to have his or her eyes undergo a laser surgery and what happened at what point of time. For me, all this was points that you could read on the Internet, but these were mostly reports from doctors or eye clinics. What I missed unfortunately was, above all, real and personal experience report of (Femto)Lasik laser eye surgery patients, from those who have done it either recently or long ago, deciding not to wear glasses in the future.

In advance: If you don’t like reading long reports, where sometimes there little rambling is about, it’s better to stop right here. I’ve described it all in detail. So if you get annoyed, I warned you!

For all of you, who would also like to inform themselves about the latest method, I’ve set up a page for the ReLEx Smile procedure!

I’m currently 27 and until recently I’ve worn glasses for the better part of my life. I hated to wear glasses, especially as a child and teenager. I didn’t do it often, but the values ​​worsened with time more and more and at some point came the time when I couldn’t read everything normally in school or – later – when driving a car needed a visual aid to avoid endangering pedestrians. So from there on, I didn’t rely on the glasses.

At some point contact lenses became more and more fashionable, so I also tried my luck with them. After a couple of visits to the optician of my choice, however, it turned out that I was anything but talented when using contact lenses. And I always lacked patience, all my life. A year later, I talked to a few acquaintances about the “laser eye surgery” topic and also found out that it was very expensive. A few days later, at home, I researched about this topic on the Internet.

Relatively quickly, Google advertisements jumped out, which wanted to convey that laser surgery or Lasik are much cheaper than I’ve heard. There were many offers of 300, 500 or 700 EUR per eye. When I visited those respective websites, I realized relatively quickly that the eye laser surgery will either use an outdated technique or the actual surgery will actually take place somewhere abroad. Otherwise those favorable prices will hardly be justified for a serious Lasik surgery.

After some research, back and forth, I decided to call an ophthalmologist nearby (about 35km away) to arrange a consultation. After one week I arranged relatively quick consultation appointment.

At the ophthalmologist I finally made first small tests with my eyes, the diopter values ​​were measured and the values ​​of my glasses compared with my current values. I had the same glasses since 2008 and my own diopter values ​​worsened since then, but with only a small change. The first thing that the doctor told me then was that because basically the smaller tests in the run-up and the current diopter values can go along ​​with the values ​​of a Lasik surgery, provided that you decide to look for the advice and some consideration. My values ​​before the Lasik surgery were -1.5 diopters on the right and -2.25 diopters on the left. Basically not so bad values, but the wearing of glasses was necessary, in order to get through the day reasonably.

For me it was basically interesting to know what kinds of Lasik surgerys there are and whats their cost. The doctor then told me that he basically offers three different types of surgerys and that the prices are somewhere between 3,000 and 4,500 EUR. I’ve never really been interested in all of the technical terms and the whole procedure, so I will take a brief look:

LASEK: This surgery can cause pain and the healing time is about 4-7 days. Costs: 3,000

Lasik: This surgery is largely painless and the healing time is about 1 day. 3.500 EUR

Femto Lasik: This surgery is painless, but above all technically completely dependent on the latest technology and the latest standard. This treatment is a pure laser treatment, the safety is significantly greater and the success chances are significantly higher. Costs are: 4,500 EUR


As mentioned before, I not a specialist for these methods and I will never be one. I would just like to describe my experiences that I had. For more detailed information about the different types of surgerys, I recommend using Wikipedia.

Nevertheless, I would like to briefly explain why I decided to undergo a Femto Lasik surgery in the end. If it had gone purely after the money, I would have certainly undergone a Femto Lasik surgery somewhere abroad. Since my eyes are one of the most important elements in my life, however, the issue of security is very clear to me. What would happen if I were to get suddenly blind or worsen my eyesight from one day to the next? My life would go – simply and drastically said – down the drain and I could end it. It would definitely not be worth as much as before – and I wouldn’t want to blind people. I prefer to give 1,000 or 2,000 or more than 3,000 or more than 4,000 EUR compared to the foreign countries and feel for it from the first consultation to the surgery and then be completely safe and well-cared for.

With the information on the various Lasik surgerys in mind and their respective costs, I went home for a few days to think about if I really wanted to do it. I was also invited by my ophthalmologist directly on the spot, 2 hours later on the same day, but simply to the monthly informative evening, where the whole procedure of the Femto Lasik surgery as well as the other surgerys are pictorially represented and any interested person could ask questions . I have to say, the day before I took a brief look at one Lasik surgery on YouTube and found that honestly quite disgusting. For this reason, I finally decided to take a look at that informative evening again and again, and listen to more questions, which will probably lead me probably not agreeing to such an surgery afterwards. There are risks in every kind of surgery, whether a birthmark is removed, the eyes are operated with laser or doing a heart surgery. Ultimately, it was crucial for me to choose the safest method, but also the most expensive.

Yes, after a careful few days of consideration, I decided for Femto Lasik. I made another appointment with the ophthalmologist and we did the necessary further preliminary examinations, where different things were measured and tested. Whether I’m really short-sighted or farsighted, or both, as my eye behaves in tears, about dilating the pupils, and in which area of ​​the eyes I can see best (be it top, bottom, right, left, center) After all these tests, which took about 2 hours, I wasn’t allowed to drive by car because of the eye droplets and the dilated pupils and had to go home by train. Yes, you should really follow that advice, because after that you’re very blurry and have some problems with brightness.

The preliminary examinations were completed and the decision for the Femto Lasik surgery was taken, so we made an appointment. Here I have to say, despite those cash patients this went very fast. On Wednesday I was at the preliminary examination and I could have been directly operated on Friday or afterwards. Okay, no wonder the doctor is very flexible here. After all, he earns a lot of money for a “little, or at least time consuming effort”. For professional reasons, I decided to do the surgery only three weeks later. I got a last briefing for the surgery, the day of the surgery and what guidelines should I urgently follow. For example, you shouldn’t spray with a deodorant or perfume, not wear any make-up or hair styling on the day of the surgery, as this can affect the laser. I now got the info that I have to pay half of the cost, i.e. 2,250 EUR in advance and the rest then after the surgery itself.

In the next 3 weeks, I’ve considered a few times, whether I should really dare to take this step or not. Operating my eyes with a laser, just to avoid wearing glasses? Friends, acquaintances, and family asked me about the subject, saying that they wouldn’t trust it. Well, I was certainly not worried about such an intervention.

Decisive day – the eye surgery!

The day of the surgery came. I went with a companion of my trust (father) to the eye laser center, which was about 60km far away. I must say, the eye laser center was not in the same place as the ophthalmologist and there were actually other ophthalmologists resident. Since such a Femto laser in the acquisition probably cost around 400,000 to 500,000 EUR, it does not seem unusual that several ophthalmologists get together and operate together at one location (eye laser center).

Arriving at the eye laser center, I said my name at the front desk and mentioned that I came for the laser eye surgery. The lady asked me about my birthdate and then told me that I wasn’t on the list and I should wait for a moment. Ooh, I thought to myself. She then called a floor higher and asked if a Mr. xxx was on their list or the next week. “Yes, yes send him quietly”, it went then to a higher floor quietly, where the operating station was located, as it turned out afterwards. I saw about 6-7 people in a kind of waiting room and my father told me that you could see “over there through the windows”. In fact, you could see there, just as someone is operated on live or having a laser eye surgery. Oh, I thought to myself. I finally consciously decided not to know too much about the surgery myself. Not that I’m still trying to opt out of the Femto Lasik.

I took my place in the waiting room, and for the most part shunned to look at what was going on in the operating room. As it turned out relatively quickly, there were 3 people in front of me and the rest of the participants in the room were either companions or doctors or medical assistants.

All of the sudden, first person came out of the operating room “staggered” with a medical assistant to make the direct follow-up examination behind the closed door. After a few minutes, she came out and talked to her companion. At some point, she became louder and said, “It’s really as it was predicted. You can get out and see better. And it doesn’t even hurt! “. These were words that I can remember very well today. These were words which, as a matter of course, were a bit nervous.

And so the other two surgerys went on before me and I went to the last time for a brief preliminary investigation. It was again measured the corneal thickness and I had to read times again numbers, in order to confirm the values ​​of before again. Security is simple, especially with such an important issue. I finally got a sedative tablet and should take a seat in the waiting room. Yes, it was just a sedative tablet. Not a pain killer or the like.

In the waiting room I talked to the eye doctor one last time. He told me that just the usual tests run at the Femto Laser, which must be before each surgery. A few thousand tests are made here and this is an obligation before every new surgery to ensure safety. If there is even the slightest doubt that something is wrong, then the customer service of the Femto laser manufacturer must be called and the surgery itself postponed. This was probably also a few weeks before. On the one hand surely annoying for the patient, on the other hand, in such a case, of course, really the security prevails and I’m glad that it runs in that and not the other way.

Finally I was called by the name and it’s time. I got a hood over my hair, so that no hair disturbs during the eye surgery and the closed eyes were again cleaned and disinfected, so that it could continue safely. Now I went to the operating room, where my father sat (as before) and wanted to watch my eyes surgery.

So I should lie down now on the couch and the Femto Lasik surgery should start. By the way: You have already read more than 2,100 words bla bla bla, sorry.

But now you’re reading the rest, right?

The Femto Lasik surgery itself

So I’ve lied down more or less quietly on the couch and the tranquilizing tablet really worked I believe, even if the nervousness was not quite gone. But that should be understandable, right? I was told now that the so-called suction ring is now fixed on my right eye, so that I can no longer blink and not accidentally something wrong goes wrong. After 2 wrong attempts sat the suction ring now on my right eye and I was pushed under a device. Here, the cornea of ​​the eye (the area that is brown when brown eyes are) is cut with the so-called FLEx method a “lenticle and an overlying lamella”. This lamella is later called colloquially Flap. One can imagine that in such a way that a kind of semicircle is cut in the area of ​​the eye and one can open and fold afterwards. Sounds annoying, but it really doesn’t hurt one bit.

My right eye was now fixed under the device accordingly and everything was adjusted so that I can hardly move and is accordingly quiet, so that nothing can go wrong. Now I was warned that I had to lie quiet for 30 seconds and now the flap is cut open. In this time I noticed at most a kind of pressure feeling, which was synonymous already before fixing the case. So almost as if something sits on the eye. This, however, WASN’T pain, but at the most a feeling of pressure. For 30 seconds quietly lie and in the time I was repeatedly called the remaining time, as well as that I’m so great and everything works great. 30 seconds were then synonymous and I was again pushed aside by the FLEx. Now the suction ring was removed from the right eye.




So now the same procedure (i.e. the suction ring, the fixation and subsequent cutting of the flaps) should follow in the left eye. This was exactly the same as in the right eye without any problems or pain. Again, the suction ring was removed.

I was told now that small bubbles formed, but this is completely normal. I can now lie ten minutes, until it goes on or again in the waiting room take place. I opted for the waiting room and especially for drinking some water. Somehow I was not really comfortable after this procedure and I had hardly ate the day and by now it was already 2 o’clock. I saw something blurred, because the flap was opened. I drank a little and closed the greatest time the eyes during those 10 minutes of waiting.

Now it should go on. I lay back on the couch and now my left eye was covered, so that the right eye could finally be lasered. So, finally, the expensive Femto laser should finally be used. My eyes were dripped and I was fixed again. I saw a green light over my right eye and a few tests were done. I should then alternately times up, down, to the right, left or just straight look, while my eyes were further dripped. Finally, everything was finished fixed and the eyes lasted could start. It would take 10 seconds, they told me before. In time I should be completely calm again. I should keep my eyes wide open and then I started. I only heard “25 … 50 … 75 … 90 … managed!” And the first eye was apparently lasered. A few drops here and there, then the previously opened flap was covered or closed and that was it.

The same was followed by the left eye in exactly the same order and without any problems or pain.

I was allowed to get up now and go back to the waiting room. As I heard afterwards, the ophthalmologist showed my father both thumbs up, and he was relieved. They joked that he is probably more nervous than I am. So I got up, and walked slowly and carefully back into the waiting room with a vague look. The ophthalmologist joked that the sedative had worked well.

I took my seat so I should close my eyes for the first few minutes and put on the sunglasses. The sunglasses I bought the day before the optician, for the first time without strength and especially so cheap for only 29 EUR. It should cover as much as possible, even on the sides, since after such eye surgery you can have problems with the brightness.

After a few minutes, there was a first brief follow-up, where I should say a few numbers. I looked a bit blurry at the time, but the doctor told me that it was quite okay.

I was told how to behave in the next hours and days. I got a package with drops, eye-flaps and a sleeping bag with home. They told me that when I was at home, I should try to sleep first. It is normal that the eyes tear or burn in the beginning. This would be better after a few hours (between 2-8 hours), they told me. I also got two different drops. One time Isopto-Max, which I should take in the first week 4 times daily and one time Hyabak, which should take me in the following 4-6 weeks at least 10 times daily. To be honest, that was a moment when I was a little shocked. The surgery itself was really totally harmless and nothing did hurt, but I should take in the next weeks at least 10-14 times or even more daily drops? Wow, this is certainly annoying, I thought to myself. Well, more about that later. In addition, I got 2 transparent eyes, which can be attached with Tesafilm at the eyes one by one at the eyes. This I should wear during the first 3 nights while sleeping, so I do not accidentally rub my fingers through my eyes at night. (Keyword open flap, which was only “folded” and still has to heal) Furthermore, there was a sleeping tablet for the first night, so I can rest and sleep through.


The Way Home

I said goodbye to the medical team and then drove home for about an hour. Scarcely outside, I noticed that outside the sun shines despite my sunglasses. I got into the car and after some time my eyes were getting heavier and harder and I could barely keep my eyes open. No matter what I tried, somehow nothing went on and my eyes were barely open. And if they were, it was then really only for a VERY short moment. Arrived at home, I carefully got out of the car and always noticed short sections, which I now have to go, until I arrived in the house. In the meantime, always keep your eyes open, but that did not last long.

I then went to the living room with us and said that you should get down the roller shutters, because everything is so mega bright and I can hardly keep my eyes open. I sat down in peace and tried to keep my eyes open for the next few minutes. My eyes still soaked and it just did not get any better. As a result, I decided, as recommended by my doctor, to simply lie down to sleep.

I went to bed a little bit half-blindly and lay down and tried to sleep. It was not so easy, I noticed, as the eyes continued to soak and still did not stop. At some point, after a while I could really fall asleep and wake up 2-3 hours later. I then could keep my eyes slightly better, but not really long. I finally went downstairs and we dripped my eyes first with Isopto-Max, sometime later with Hyabak. After I had taken both drops, I could finally keep my eyes open longer. I sat back in the living room and my parents watched Olympia on TV. I shouldn’t watch a lot of TV, PC or mobile phone in the first few days, but I was just curious and saw through the sunglasses a little television. And the amazing thing at the moment was easy, that I recognized everything well without visual aids. All the iceblades, the clock on the wall, and everything else you could see or read. The visual strength was really much better than before. It was a moment that was simply great and which certainly many glasses or contact lens carriers want.

I then went to sleep after some time with sticky eyes and sleeping tablet in the stomach, which has worked surprisingly well. The next morning we should have the first follow-up examination.

The 2nd day – first examination after eye surgery

The next morning, I finally woke up, carefully removed my two eye flaps, and we dripped my two eyes with different drops. Then on a Saturday morning we went by car to a hospital with an eye department for follow-up examination. I was of course with sunglasses on, took my place in the car and was driven. I was not allowed to drive. On the way to the hospital, I joked with my brother about various traffic signs and what I can already recognize and read. I was really enthusiastic and glad and was anxious for the follow-up.

When arrived in the hospital, we took a seat in the waiting room, where a little later a lady with her husband arrived, who was lashed on the day before me, and which I therefore also knew. So they took a seat, greeted each other, and asked how the others were doing. Then she said to me, in the beginning the first hours it was terrible and about the night she could not sleep with eyes flaps so well, but now she was really ok. I told her then also that the first hours were really nervous and the eyes were soaked, but in principle there was no pain in the play. The night with me was quiet and now I can see everything really great.

Finally, I was called to the ophthalmologist and we made first tests on the eye and in the end then also the usual “Read me the numbers” game. So I spoke the numbers to the doctor before and had surprisingly already here everything correct. 100%. The doctor even had to go a little further, because he couldn’t recognize the numbers himself. I must say I was really enthusiastic and proud at the same time. That this should be so good, in less than 24 hours later? Wow, fantastic. I went back home and was to come back to next re-examination on Wednesday.


First days after the eye surgery

The first days after the Femto Lasik surgery, I should generally avoid things like TV, PC or mobile phone and spare my eyes so that they can recover well. Also 1-2 weeks no sport, 2-3 weeks no power sports and about 4 weeks no swimming. So I dripped my eyes diligently, because we remember to drop at least 14 times daily in the first week. I tell you, this is quite annoying. Firstly, you often don’t hit your eye so often, but always there nearby, secondly, such an hour is really mega fast here, if you must constantly drop and thirdly, I was never a patient man.

I noticed again and again that my eyes were exhausted somehow after a time, that I should take eye drops and between them simply close the eyes through, so that they can recover.

And so I hardly went outside for the next few days. And if so, it happened then always with sunglasses, as I was advised. Finally you can get problems with the brightness and the sun, which was actually the case in the first week.

The 2nd examination

On Wednesday it was time again. I took the train to the ophthalmologist because I was not allowed to officially drive yet and I didn’t want to risk it. Also the second follow-up was tip top in order. I reached 100% of the eyesight and the eye doctor also confirmed this to me in writing. This document was also important, because I now have to change my driving license. Or I have to apply for a new driving license, where I do not need to know that I need a visual aid. It was only a normal piece of paper, but this 100% visibility read with new eyes twice as good. I was then told that I had to go apply to the police and apply for a new driving license.

On the way back I drove past the local police station and showed the doctor’s certificate. I thought to myself that this should really probably be done by the city or the traffic authorities, but the police was close. So I talked to a police officer who told me that I had to go to the next road traffic office. When I wanted to say good-bye, I was stopped. The policewoman told me that she had already informed herself once, but wanted to know more about how it was. So I had to tell her in short form everything exactly how this happened, which doctor was that and so on. She even wanted to know the telephone number from the ophthalmologist and the website of the ophthalmologist and eye laser center. She was very interested and wanted to make the same day a consultation with my ophthalmologist. I thought to myself, I should have a commission deal finished with the eye doctor, if I mediate a customer.

Then I arrived at home, I thought, I post nevertheless times this certificate from the eye doctor on Facebook now that I have reached 100% of my visual strength. After a few congratulations, a friend wrote to me as to whether I had lashed my eyes. I confirmed this, and I had to explain everything, exactly like the policewoman before. He also wanted to make an appointment with the ophthalmologist. I was annoyed a second time, that I have discussed with the doctor before nothing

First few weeks after the eyes surgery

Meanwhile, a few weeks have passed. I’m still dripping my eyes diligently, but it’s not as annoying as I first imagined. You get used to everything but somehow. The eyes are well healed and after the first week the problems with respect to the brightness are over.

Conclusion: Femto Lasik again anytime!

In conclusion, one can say that the pure duration of the slicing and eye lasers itself lasts per eye apparently only 40 seconds. The surgery itself with preparation, fixing, cutting and lasering takes 10-15 minutes and doesn’t hurt or cause any pain. The healing time isn’t taking even a whole real day and the result is immediately there! In summary, such a laser surgery is certainly expensive, but in my case it has been successful and I would do it again at any time.

Over the next 4,700 words further I will note now that I had to take 3 while writing this experience, since that was really exhausting, to put all of that into words. And it took about 3 hours.

Now I would be interested, however, how are you standing on the subject of Femto Lasik? Have you ever been informed about it? Or have you been lasered in your eyes before? I would be very happy if you could also post your experiences or questions here, so that we can exchange out experiences! You can simply write a comment or send me an email, if I should publish your experience report as own page, gladly also more comprehensive! (By mail please contact kontakt2013 (at)

Update: 1 year and 3 months later, a follow-up examination!

I was at the ophthalmologist a few days ago to find out how it looks with my eyes after a year and three months later. There will be some information about this soon. Stay tuned! I would like to do this in the form of a small Femto Lasik “long-term studies or long-term sequences”.

To put it briefly: My eyesight didn’t worsen and I still don’t need any glasses. With both eyes together, I reached 100% vision, which I had then attributed shortly after the Lasik already. Whoever is interested in the prolonged history of the follow-up, simply continue reading.

Well, one of the central questions at the time when I chose Femto Lasik was: How long does it take? Do I need glasses again after 2-3 years? Or in 10 or 20 years? I am now 28 years old and at that time in the consultation it was said that after the eye surgery I no longer need glasses. Okay, except for somebody in old age, because you cannot stop old-age vision with the Femto Lasik method. A further decision for me at the Femto Lasik was also that I almost have a kind of “lifelong warranty” on the result without glasses to see. That is, If in one, 5 or 10 years, for example, my eyesight worsened, would I be able to laser my eyes again due to this warranty, and to be able to see again without any visual aid. This is so far in theory, I hope just times, this will not be necessary.

After one year and three months after surgery, I agreed to the first check-up date after the last follow-up more than a year ago. In practice from the ophthalmologist, we then also made the first examinations directly, as follows:

Ausschluss Netzhautveränderungen bds, Myopie re, Astigmatismus li, Sicce Syndrom bds, Ausschluss Glaukom bds
Untersuchung der Augen
Refraktionsbestimmung sphärische Gläser
Skiaskopie / Refraktometer
Binokulare Untersuchung
Messung der okulären Pulsation mittels Konturtonometrie
Text: Bestimmung der okulären Pulsamplitute
Interpretation der Pulsdruckkurve
Schutzkappe Pascal Dynamic Contour Tonometer
Thilorbin Augentropfen EDO, Paragraph 10

Admittedly, I almost didn’t understand the information and terms, but overall, we believe I have made at least 6 different minor examinations of the eyes to examine everything, for example, the thickness of the cornea, whether the eyes are too dry, sight and visual acuity, and the likes.

Finally, the doctor came to the treatment room and asked me to read the numbers, which were about 3-4 meters away, separately with the left eye and then with the right eye. Since this blog was written completely honestly from the outset and was written as a factual report, I have to admit that I cannot see completely perfect with the individual eyes. I was given values ​​of 0.63 on the right eye and 0.8 on the left eye. What exactly that means, you can read more at Wikipedia.

When I then with both eyes the numbers read aloud, this worked easily. So I see with both eyes very well and without problems and so achieve the 100% vision. And honestly: one does not voluntarily keep an eye, if one wants to read something or drive a car. So I am very satisfied with the result and I do not need to worry about. This was confirmed by the ophthalmologist. These 0.63 and 0.8 values ​​are therefore not a percentage of 63% or 80% sight, if you think so.

There is also one small thing to report. Now, my eyes are a bit dry, and I should start using the Hyabak eye droppings again in the next few months, approximately 4 times a day. This would just be good for my eyes. Let’s say so, not the most beautiful news, but I didn’t find it again. I got used to the 14 times a day at the beginning, so 4 times a day was really not bad. You get used to everything, and the glasses are still not necessary. That’s the most important thing, I think!

I then talked to my eye doctor briefly about the fact that I am now also a “Femto Lasik expert”. He laughed briefly and asked what I meant. Then I told him about this blog here and about that up to now more than 120 comments have come together under my post. He looked at the blog in the evening and was very interested in what I had written about my surgery.

When I started the blog a little more than a year ago, I wanted to write down my experience with the Femto Lasik method and share it with other (friends), who were understandably asking me a lot after my surgery.

After a few months, however, the blog had suddenly gotten more and more visitors, since Google my experience report was very positive and the users (her) here also commented. You asked me questions about your own Lasik surgery. In the meantime this blog landed on Google under the term “Femto Lasik” and some other relevant terms on this eye laser method on place 1, which struck me very much. After all, I am not a provider, but only a private person, who has times the eyes lasted.

In the meantime, this blog has more than 100 visitors per day, which is actually really much for this niche topic. In the meantime, I have made myself smart among Femto Lasik providers and then I learned how much Femto Lasik providers and eye clinics for so many visitors pay for Google to get potential customers. And that really is not favorable, believe me.

I would like to thank all readers of this blog for asking questions and reporting about your surgery. I would be happy if you continue to discuss this further here and tell me and the other readers experience with your eyes. And I hope, of course, that you all now get along without glasses and your eyes are completely okay!

In a year or so I go back to the follow-up examination, and I will report again, as I see it. My goal is to publish a kind of long-term study or long-term study here and share it with you.

Update: 2 years later – the next control examination

Now the intervention of the Femto Lasik in my two eyes has already been over 2 years ago. As already at that time with the doctor discussed, one should as a Lasik patient simply for safety once a year report to the ophthalmologist and simply check-in. Finally pay the health insurance now and you don’t have to pay anymore. Regardless of how my eyes are, I would recommend this to everyone. Even if you are fine and you have no problems.

What has changed for me in the last year? Well, the ophthalmologist told me I was supposed to check it a little. That’s what I did after my last visit a year ago, also, if it was a bit annoyed. Sometime, after a few weeks, however, I simply had no more desire and felt no problems with it, as before as well. With the knowledge, not to have dripped, I went now to the control.

Arrived in the waiting room, I was called directly after 2 minutes and called to undergo the first tests. Right at the beginning again with the compressed air in the eye, where I simply have the habit, twitch and boycott the test with it. Still there were a few smaller tests, and everything was in order. We continue to another room, where tests are also made concerning the thickness of the cornea. Here the eye must be left long and one is blinded somewhat. Everything already known from then, but it should be done. Here everything is alright, now it should go to the ophthalmologist directly.

He recognizes me, knows that I run this internet blog here and has already given some interested people with regard to Femto Lasik. Who knows, perhaps I have virtual “already spoken” with more interested parties than he?

First we start with a small visual test. I noticed that the numbers are still somehow familiar to me. They probably never seem to change again, nevertheless: I did not know them by heart. I have a feeling that I can not see well. Just because I do not know any more well the numbers. But this is not the case, and you should not let that get you crazy. I will continue to be certified 100% visibility.

He gives me a few drops in the eye once more, then my eye widens slightly and shines in. Left, right, top down. Everything OK. In addition, I am told that the cornea has remained stable compared to last year and also the year before. Excellent! All values ​​are correct!

I tell him then that I have then also stopped to drop my eyes. He asks me how I am doing it. I reply that I had no problems last year. He confirms to me the values ​​and says that his results do not show any more with dry eyes. I am reassured and am glad not needing those drops again

I’m still talking about the ReLEx Smile procedure, which is synonymous here and the people in the blog more and more interested. He himself and also his “partners” do not (yet) offer this procedure. This has above all financial reasons, because such a device again costs about half a million euros, which would then need to be quasi divided by different doctors. Sure, doctors do not earn badly, but such an investment must be well thought for. He thinks that there are currently only few suppliers for the ReLEx Smile procedure in Germany and also worldwide. In addition to the costs, the reasons for this are, in particular, long-term experiences that have so far hardly existed since the method is relatively new and not so many people have been operated on with this method. Nevertheless, some providers and doctors are trying to push this process strongly into the market. However, Femto Lasik has established itself over the last few years and has therefore prevailed on why it does not yet believe that a “detachment” is so close. As I said: Also here in the blog we have created a own page on the subject ReLEx Smile and look forward to questions, answers and, above all, experience reports on this new laser method!

Well, I’m still incredibly happy. In the morning get up, don’t need glasses. Don’t use a spectacle cleaning cloth and don’t have to use any contact lenses. Well, I never had those on. But even if I did, I’m glad I don’t need them anymore. 2 years after that, my eyes look very good. I have had no problems last year and do not see any exhaustion problems or weakening eyes. To make a long-term analysis, it is still too early. Nevertheless, it is my goal to go to the ophthalmologist every year and write down my experiences here. Just for all those who are afraid of a long-term disappointment. Of course, not everyone experiences the way I have experienced it. But there are the comments here so that you can share your experiences here with others.

By the way: I have looked at the statistics here in the blog times more precisely and have come across quite interesting facts.

In 2 years now, more than 50,000 people have read this report, asked questions, commented and helped other users. Thanks a lot for this! When I think back to the beginning of my long-term report, especially in the first three months, just 420 people have strayed here. But then Google started to “trust” this page and my experience report and found the blog suddenly under relevant keywords like “Femto Lasik”, “Femto Lasik experiences” or “Femto Lasik costs”.

Alone 42% of the users here visited the site here with a tablet or smartphone. For this reason, I have optimized the site just now again mobile optimized, because the huge text should be synonymous readable for you!

Interesting is the fact that 28% of the accesses have been made via the Safari browser, and thus via an Apple device. This makes Safari the leader in front of Firefox (23%), Chrome (18 %%) and Internet Explorer (17%). This is exciting for me because in some industries it is often said that Apple users spend more money. And, without a doubt, a Femto Lasik surgery costs a lot of money!

In addition, I asked myself the question how many people are male and female? Well, when I read here in the blog in the comments (looking for first names) or remind me of the waiting room, I always said okay, women want to laser their eyes as well! Or maybe something else: women are more likely to laser their husbands than men! But: Here in the blog, Google tells me that the difference between man and woman is conceivably scarce! 53% of the users are female and 47% of the users are male! There seem to be more male persons interested in this topic than I thought! My tip to you guys: Trust yourself! I also did it and am very happy about it!

Finally, I was interested in how old people interested in Femto Lasik?

25-34 years: 32%
34-44 years: 20%
18-24 years: 19 % (Note: Many doctors recommend that you make such an surgery only after 25 years, since the eye still “changes” until the age of 24.)
45-54 years: 15%
55-64 years: 7%
Over 65 years: 5%

Some doctors recommend that young users should rather wait! The human eye still changes up to the age of 24, which is why it is only advisable to start Femto Lasik from 25 years of age! More than 27% of the users are already 45 years or older and therefore at an age where “old age” plays an important role. This means for you: The Femto Lasik is not intended for the age-old view and cannot heal it. Many older people have the desire to be able to throw glasses into the trash through Femto Lasik. But unfortunately this does not work with Femto Lasik or ReLEx Smile! Please inquire with your eye doctor if and what possibilities there are for you!

So again, a year is over, and again this article is more than 1,300 words longer than last year. All in this entire article about the Femto Lasik now includes over 7,200 words! So maybe I should think about writing a book?

Update: 3 years later – the next examination

Wow, how time passes! In September 2015 I was examined by the ophthalmologist. As usual, all tests were done, which I have already described in the previous years.

The funny thing was again this time that the ophthalmologist could remember me well. He had just told me that he was telling my doctor colleagues from time to time that I was running this website and helping potential patients find their decision. He probably finds this quite well and therefore always took a little more time than the usual patient, I think. We talked a bit about different things, but the most important thing was: I still have no problems. I do not drip my eyes anymore because I do not feel they are dried out. This time the ophthalmologist could confirm this time again. All the values ​​from the above tests were positive and there was really nothing to complain about.

It is simply a great feeling to walk through life without glasses or contact lenses. In the winter, I remember from time to time when the glasses of a friend or a friend mimic how that was then. These are the little moments in life where I think it was the right decision to do this.

So today I would continue to repeat it at any time! I wish you good luck, if you should decide to let your eyes be lasered!

Update: 4 years later – how are the eyes?

In the meantime, 4 years have passed. To be exact, it has been 4 years and 3 months today. This year, I decided not to examine my eyes for the first time.

This has the simple reason that I haven’t had any problems in the past 12 months or past years. I’m fine, I’m fine with my eyes and I have no complaints at all. Also, my vision doesn’t worsen to know how one might have known of the glasses before.

I am just happy and satisfied to have gone this step and everything is going great! But next year, I will have to examine them again. Then it has been 5 years since I have had my eyes lasered!

And now it’s your turn! Please write in the comments what interests you or how did your Femto Lasik surgery go!


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